My Simple Requests

I have toyed with the idea of going to Studio One before but in the end I find myself sticking even closer to Cubase. But I got carried away with Studio One 5.1 and if I “just” did audio then maybe I’d make the move. However, Studio One is still woefully lacking in the Midi realm. Having said that, there are some things Studio One has that would make Cubase even sweeter.

  1. Ability to add inserts/sends directly to a track in the mixer in the lower zone as opposed to clicking separate links for the fader, inserts, and sends respectively.

  2. Link tracks by simply highlighting them. I realize you can do a quick group of tracks by highlighting them and using Alt-Shift – but the idea here is less clicking/pressing.

  3. Input/Output meters side by side in the EQs and compressors to aid in level matching.