My special wish for Cubase 13 - Compare tracks with a database for possible copyright infringement

I wish me a Cubase-feature wich automatically is checking my projects for possible copyright problems like this: Cubase compares every track with a database of all songs that exist and gives me information whether the melody is free or the composer is alive or - if dead - his death is less then senventy years ago.


  • Your project contains parts of “Your My Heart, Your My Soul”. You can’t use them, because Dieter Bohlen is still alive.
  • Your project contains parts of “Meine Oma fährt im Hühnerstall Motorrad”. This is free stuff, you can use.

Interesting feature, how do you think this should work?

What copyright database do you want to query for this? I don’t know of any existing system containing all copyright information for every possible item.

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I think this is almost impossible at this time. Copyright laws are different around the globe (a melody can be marked as public domain where you live and still copyright protected on another country).

It’s a very interesting idea. However, there is currently no way to say whether a piece would violate copyright as there is no agreed method for deciding copyright issues. It’s down to judges and juries.

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Get real.

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A database of all notated, sampled, and recorded music that exists? Totally unrealistic. No such thing exists and is not likely to. Sorry.

There is current global discussion over who actually owns commercial downloaded samples, and what this may mean for your piece, which is immensely complex and currently unresolved, on a related theme.

Or you could simply play back the chorus of your track on Shazam (app), it’ll tell you whether it recognises that melody or not. Of course, that doesn’t include every single track every released, and there is no such database. Saying that, two scientists have generated over 68 billion melodies to prevent copyright strikes:

You’d be happy a company having access to all of your music?

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Most serious composers i.e film composers etc, will hire someone to clear any samples used. It is not cheap and can take quite some time.

sounds interesting but a bit complex to implement in Cubase, maybe there is already an AI that can analyze your compositions and that is dedicated to precisely what you ask … currently there are many AI of many types.

Check if the composer is alive !
if he is alive kill him !!. that would be a killer cubase feature

Create and do yo stuff and then contact they help you with that before realese:) dont bother brother:)

And if you stela others ides all the time then your not good anyway just a copycat :wink:

It’s definitely a long term strategy. You’d have to wait 75 years.

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It’s definitely a long term strategy. You’d have to wait 75 years.

i missed that part !!
leading me to a new macro with new feature
if composer alive → { kill the composer and jump 75 years to the future }
problem solved , no copy rights broken
(God forbidden. cruel joke :smirk:)

I think the release build of Cubase 13.0.0 is already done so it might be too late for new features. If it was a possible feature to do I think it would be much better to make that as plug-in than a DAW feature.