My Steinberg Download Assistant was updated today

So the download assistant was updated today when I opened it. Finally, I got some of the software I own in the tab “my products”, but not all of them like VST Connect 5.5… Anybody have any idead why only some products land in that tab?

Could it be there is a new Cubase update ready tomorrow aswell :slight_smile: since they did update ?

Pure speculation here, but I’d guess it is a transitional situation. Folks have been asking for this for awhile. They may be implementing the change product by product instead of customer by customer.

Right now I’m only seeing Cubase 11 Pro Update. Spectral Layers Pro 8 and oddly Cubase LE 11 - which I don’t think I own… But no Wavelab, Halion, Groove Agent among others. Expect those will start popping up soon.