My steinberg login isseu

I cant login my mysteinberg account cant even use cubase 12 pro anymore because I cant login!I login with my personal info removed account and password but then, it ask me for a six digit code I open my authenticator microsoft authenticator is 8 digits so its not possible to login!Hope sombody can help me out!

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So you obviously have 2FA enabled and you did connect it with Microsoft Authenticator. In the Authenticator App you should see an entry named “Steinberg ID” (or similar) and linked to your email address. Do you have that?

When you open that entry it must show the 6 digits, if not it is something else and you can’t use it for the mySteinberg 2FA.

In that case you need to contact support, because there are the only people that have access to it.

No mysteinberg entry!Ok gonna contact them right now!Thanks!

Problem even bigger then I thought!Cant even contact support need also a authenticator code and that’s the main problem it doesn’t work also try to call several support phone numbers nobody is picking up and they should be open ,they are open from 10 am to 12 and nobody is there what support is that! :rage: :cry: :rage:

Cant use 12 pro anymore !Cant login to my account or support NOTHING,asks me for an authenticator code,dont have that I have an authenticator from microsoft,icloud,but dont get any notification on my phone ,so its useless !Phone support of steinberg doesn’t work called all the available phone numbers nobody picks up,is this support?!Hope somnbody from support can help me because this is not normal anymore!

So you are waiting for a notification?

That’s not how this 2FA works when it asks for the code.

When you created the 2FA authentication, and that is something you must have done, you connected it with Microsoft authenticator.
So open the authenticator and look for a point named Steinberg ID. Click on that and it shows a code that is valid for 60 seconds.
There will never be an automatic notification.

Thats the whole problem I have bought a new iphone and transferred the phone but there is no steinberg id on the microsoft authenticator!So I realy stuck cant do anything!

You can’t simply copy the authenticator content to a new phone and expect it to work, that is a security problem. The content of this app is locked to the phone.

So hopefully you either have still access to the old phone, or you have a backup of the authenticator data.

Back up and recover account credentials in the Authenticator app - Microsoft Support

No my old phone is sold and was set back to factory settings after transfer all data from the old to new iphone!I thought the icloud automatically would transfer everything from my old to new Iphone!:unamused:What now?

Well, now you need to talk to Steinberg. There is no other solution to this

Thats why I wanted to contact steinberg directly by phone but none of the numbers on the support page work1’!I wanted to ask, steinberg support could turn of my 2FA so I can start without 2FA and synct my license again with Cubase 12 pro and the activation manager!But steinberg phone support doesn’t work and I also can not contact support through activation manager because I need 2FA! :face_exhaling:

Phone support does work.

I don’t know in which country you are, there are various phone numbers and they depend on the country. Opening hours is no much, but you need to keep in mind it is german time and if you are in a different timezone you need to know the difference.

Sorry, but I can’t tell you what else to do.

Im from Belgium,same hours like ,Germany,all the time an answering machine or just don’t pick up even through opening hours,tried already for a few days!Cant I contact someone from support forum that is directly connected with Steinberg?!Otherwise Im serious f*ckd!Thanks in advance you are my last help!:smiling_face_with_tear:

If you have a problem why not asking here in the forum? But please open a new thread and do not put it here into this one.

Suddenly got a notification on my phone and solved it!Put the 2FA off!Seems when I opened safari browser instead of Firefox I received a notification on my 2FA and it worked!Thanks anyway!