My steinberg not working and need installer

My windows installation has shat itself so I need to reinstall everything. No problem I thought I’ll just download the installers I need for everything and get to it. Well it seem the ‘my steinberg’ account that has both of my elicensers registered to it no longer exists!?! So I have not way of downloading the installer for nuendo. I have emailed support but I don’t expect a reply this weekend (if ever) and I am going to start loosing business and money. If I grab the N8 demo will it run as the full version when it see the license key?


Yes. There’s no difference at all.

Also, considering that you have three accounts here on the forum, do you think it’s likely that you should try logging in to mySteinberg with another email?

Cheers For the quick reply. I have tried every email address I have ever had and none of them show as having an account existing. I don’t remember when I last logged onto my steinberg as I have always just used the download links for the installer/updates that come in the email after purchasing them. I would have thought it possible I have never made a my steinberg account but it seems my elicensers are registered to one. I don’t imagine there is anyway to see what account my elicensers are registered to?


I take it all back, I found the address that worked! It seems the address I used for everything, at least back then, wouldn’t work for ‘my steinberg’ as it was a address (I found an email complaining about it to steinberg support in 2011) so I had to use another email address which I haven’t used for 7 years.

Heh! Glad you got it going.