My Steinberg Password Problem

For the record I have emailed Steinberg USA and inquired about this problem.

I don’t have the need to log into my My Steinberg account that often, maybe once every 2 or 3 months. But just about every time that I do it tells me that my password is not valid and it’s going to lock me out after another “2” tries. So I usually click on the button that I lost or forgot my password, I add a digit or letter to the end, it accepts it, I log in with the new pwd and everything is fine. The thing is, I’m getting tired of having to do this. Is this a thing that anyone else experiences? I keep all my passwords secure, they are in a password safe on my computer and never change (unless I want to change them). I can’t figure out why Steinberg seems to be the only one doing this?

I have never seen that. I mean, I guess you must have done so, but have you manually, visually verified that the password being sent from your password safe is actually the one you think it is?

To be honest I can’t think of any reason why this is happening. If someone else had stolen the pwd and was using my license I would expect I would receive some sort of alert during the login process that it was already in use or something along those lines. It also has nothing to do with clearing my cache since I am trying to login using the credentials I used the last time I logged in.

The same pwd I used last time was saved in my pwd vault and has never changed. The next time I try and use it…

That’s not really a possibility at all.

Is this precisely what you do, or is it shorthand for some other steps too?

If I were having this problem I wouldn’t wait until the next time. I would take the password app out of the equation to test:

  1. clear cookies in the browser
  2. open the password app,
    manually copy the password
  3. try to use it on the Steinberg site
    If the password is wrong I’d reset it
  4. once I receive the email verification,
  5. still not using the password app
  6. manually paste or type in the password you just created and attempt to log in.

What happens?

First of all, thanks for your help. I really don’t want to make a huge thing about this since it appears to only be happening to me. I thought it may be a bigger problem that others were experiencing.

For the record: The other day when this happened I updated my password. The new password worked (I have to cut and paste with this pwd manager and this site). I just logged of by clicking on my “E” avatar > preferences and log out. I was able to successfully log back on. One thing to note, when I clicked on “Log Out” I was given this error “{“error_description”:“Unknown JWT”,“error”:“bad_request”}”. I not sure why I got this but it did allow me to log out. What basically happens is in about 3 months when I need to log in again after clearing my cookies I will run into the same problem as before.

I get that too, but it doesn’t seem to mean anything.

Okay, but this is not due to anything on the Steinberg site. Your password does not get changed or deleted by this system.

I understand that. I was just thinking this might be happening to someone else. I can live with it.

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