My @#$&^% student who records without using the metronome!

Please don’t laugh, but…
I have a student in one of my music classes who INSISTS on recording projects in Cubase WITHOUT listening to the metronome click; she says it “disturbs” her. :open_mouth: The result, of course, is difficult to deal with- although the recordings SOUND OK (she has a good sense of beat and all the tracks mesh well) they look a mess-- and it is hopeless to even LOOK at the score functions.
My question is- is there an EASIER way to re-align the metronome to HER established beat? Otherwise, I keep re-recording her tracks for her, but I am growing weary of this.

THanks for your ideas.

One solution might be to record tapping on a midi keyboard, following the tempo on a separate midi track. Then, invoke merge tempo from tapping.

You would set the already recorded track to Linear time base before recording the tap.

Now I may be barking up the wrong tree here.

But isn’t what you want called Quantize? Apparently when you load an audio file, Cubase adds something called hitpoints into the Audio track that mark musically relevant positions whatever that might mean. :unamused: Anyway you should be able to check to see if the hit points mark the start of your audio (the music) not other stuff like count in’s or the broken bottle that was just chucked at the drummer.

From there you can use the Quantize Panel (basically this should take your start and end hit points or locators or what the hell they call them) and subdivide the audio into beats. It supposedly supports metrics like swing but then again as musicians we make the calls not a friggin computer.

I think that warping is a different thing altogether that allows you to change the speed of the audio but to do it you need to Quantize the audio first. In Ableton you just had to mark the start of the music and set warp factor 9 I mean set it to the bpm and then you could change the speed but the playback was crap and I guess this will be too.

For warping use tools designed for the job like knowledge rocks player or the ABRSM time shifter tool.

ps. I haven’t tried any of this but it sounds logical captain! even if I can’t talk Vulcan

As it is only Cubase LE AI Elements (9) and not one of the more full-fuction versions, I may not have that tool. At least, I can’t find it, nor can I find the “time warp” function, which sound exactly what I’d need.
Trying to Quantise doesn’t give me the result I want— It would be easier to re-record it myself, yet I wanted to keep the performances style the student had…