My studio website, finally updated!

Hi all. I’ve finally got my new website done (with a few minor tweaks still to be addressed).

All audio produced with Cubase of course. Ed


Very nice website!
Question: what are the 2 behringer rack devices for that you mounted on that vocal mic stand?

edit: nvm, they’re headphone amplifiers and they’re not on the mic stand :sunglasses:

Thanks for looking and the positive comments Strophoid. you’re right, they are behringer powerplays, with 12 outputs each. and they are on a mic stand, but modified with a home made platform to sit on… some photos show gear that has since been replaced (my lcd screens for bigger models etc.) but it’s close enough to 2013 reality! Ed :slight_smile:

yes. we won’t run around, desert you either.

the audio is not working .

hi firestamper. what device are you using? I’ve tried it on 3 different pcs and laptops, google nexus 7 and android phones and ipad and iphone. working fine on all so far…the audio doesn’t kick in automatically; you have to select a song first. then it will play through the list or you can choose from list. the video link doesn’t work yet on mobile devices and we are looking for a fix… . thanks, ed

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hi eddie ,i just tried with i.e. and it works, but not with firefox 24 on my pc ,which is what i tried with first.

thanks for that info. i’ll pass that on to my designer. we tried it with chrome and i.e. but i’ll get him to check others. ed :slight_smile:

hi eddie ,i just tried it again in i.e. ,and no matter which track you select the same song keeps playing .

strange… can other please have a go at this. all working as it should on the systems I’ve tested. thanks, ed

It works absolutely fine here on Chrome.

its still not right at my end ,its still only playing one track on i.e. and firefox is still not doing anything.although it is a good one track, jonny jack track 25 hours .the video works ok .
still dont know why im having trouble though, normally i can play anything.

thanks for trying again. maybe there is some sort of cookie preventing it working… try refreshing the page. don’t want you to delete cookies in case all your passwords get cleared. Ed

nah, still no luck ,it dont worry me clearing out cookies its no problem ,all my passwords are
stored in norton internet security.

I’ve just installed firefox on my old pc to try. ed

so on firefox the audio samples page doesn’t show the playback slider or volume control on my old xp shuttle pc… will ask my designer to check this. thanks again for finding. ed

your designer must be in the jonny jack band ,that is the only track playing in internet explorer. :laughing:

yes, that could be his secret plan… :wink:

thanks firestamper, for the firefox info. my web designer has been alerted and will look for causes/solutions. it’s hard to get a media player that has the functions I wanted (playlist, rewind/forward capability) that runs on desktops, macs, tablets and phones… ed