My thanks to the Steinberg team

I would like to publicly thank all the Steinberg people that helped people like me to be able to do the cross grade through the Steinberg website.

Many of us, who don’t live in Europe or US, were having trouble trying to access the crossgrade offer.
Probably, if it weren’t for the 50% off offer, I would have never been able to become a Cubase user, because I couldn’t afford the full price.

It was very kind from Steinberg to offer Sonar users a special crossgrade price and it was also kind from them to enable purchases through the website. Yes, it’s business, it’s more users, more sales. But that’s half of the story. The other half is a team that puts a lot of love in what they do and want everybody to be able to experience the products they made with love. Similar to when you make someone listen a piece of music you’ve just made.

I guess I’m speaking on behalf of many people.

I would like to thank Ed, Guillermo and especially Frank who interacted with all of us in the Cakewalk forums.

Now, let’s go back to composing!