My third C6 Project ;)

Hi again good people

I know it might be tiring but here is another song from Håkons upcoming cd :wink:
Written by Håkon arred by me to his specs.
It’s called “En bro bygges ned” or “A bridge is torn down” in English and you can get it here:

Is the bass response better than the 2 previous tracks on this one?

Another thing I want to know if I did right on this one is:
The song has a rather long and subdued intro which is supposed to explode into the real song…
How is that facet of the song now? Good or should the intro be louder/more silent compared to the main song than it is now?

Vocals: ADK Hamburg into Behringer Ultravoice Digital into sonalksis eq into sonalksis compressor. Håkon on all vocals minus some small backing vocals from me here and there.
Reverb: Waves IR Sydney operahouse impulse.
I’ll probably never get to Australia in this lifetime, so why not use impulse from their opera house. It might be the closest I’ll get LOL

Drums: Superior Drummer Avatar Kit tuned to my liking with everything routed out to individual channels in Cubase.
Snare and tom reverb: Ultrafunk R3

Bass: Steiny’s efx suite of virtual bassist with an ultrafunk r3 compressor slapped on after it to keep it in line, hehe

Guitars: Tonelab on the clean embellishments that goes through the whole song.
Guitar Rig 3 on the left backing guitar. Amplitube 2 on the right backing guitar.
Lead sounds is Tonelab
Reverb on guitars: the old Ultrafunk R3 reverb. Still good today over 10 years since it was released :slight_smile:
Pre mastering: Waves, PsP and Sonnox plugins.

Don’t be shy, let me know how it sounds

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

Agreed, I mostly use the compressor and the eq from that package too, but on this song the reverb fitted in too :slight_smile:

I bought the r2 package for about 1800 nok back in 2000 I think. Way before they were bought by cakewalk.

Did the mix sound ok?


Hi again Bredo.
The drums are programmed from the bottom by me.
The bass is played by me, but I went straight into the box and used the efx suite of steinbergs virtual bassist thing as software amp.

Thank you for listening… About the lead fills… will rectify that

All the best, greetings from Fredrikstad, Kim

I know that this might hurt somebody but I just have to say it:

Since Cubase 3.6 and unto vst/32 up to C6 I’ve kept making music. Only minor things have hindered me in all these years, and those small things have not really been a hindrance at all more like a small wall to climb over.
Mentioning this because of all the “showstopping” bugs that always seem to be there in Cubase for some people.

Is it me? Nah
Is it Steinberg putting evil code into their software to keep certain people unhappy? Nah
Is it people that do not know what they are doing but instead of blaming themselves are blaming Steinberg? I would answer that as a “maybe to probably”
Ah good to get that out. And now I am even using an unsupported piece of software (C6 in a win xp environment) and even that works if you really want it to, hehe

Kim :wink:

Hi Kim

After our trunkated skype chat, I emailed my comments to you :slight_smile:

BREDO … Hi … I had a good listen to the link with your band’s work. VERY NICE. Power without apology - Thank You :slight_smile:

Wassup Onkel Kim :slight_smile:

Hope ya well mate :slight_smile:

I loved it. My only comment regarding mix is the vocal has too much Lo Mid which is making it sound boomy, and particularly in the first half mask the other elements. Everything else sounds cool to me.


Seems like most of the reported “bugs” I read about anymore require about 18 steps to replicate and such esoteric implementation as to be silly.

I’ve never encountered anything in Cubase that kept me from making music since 1998.

Sure but making music when 3 billion dongle calls mean waiting 20 seconds for some functions to work is not fun. I spent many hours analysing this problem.

A huge issue that was eventually fixed

Oh yes, the song

Nice song and arrangement – nice guitar tones

ALSO – NICE big sound!

I agree about the vocal being a bit heavy in the lo-mid. It’s also too loud in the mix for me

The entire track is quite “brite” and in the louder parts gets pretty grating (esp in the vocals) but I think this might be related to the 128kps mp3 aspect

3 billion – really?

I never noticed that issue…

Hi there Paul :slight_smile:
Yes all is well here, almost done with the cd now so it’s almost time for payday and me getting a new guitar, hehe

Aah, too much low mid on the vocals… No problem, the only thing done with an eq on the vocals on this track is a 80hz bass cut. I’ve re exported it now with a 2 db cut at 500hz with a wide Q.
I think this takes care of it.

All the best, Kim

Thank you for listening Doug, the low mid thing is fixed now I think. I’ll upload an updated version later.
Vocals being too loud? Yes maybe, and if it were my song I’d probably have mixed them a tad lower but since this is Håkons song and he is the star of the show I did it this way :slight_smile:
I hope/think the brightness thing is a mp3 thing, the wave sounds quite pleasant here on my Mordaunt Short speakers/Argon sub woofer

All the best, Kim

I checked it against a couple recent “hits” – one being “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum which was a huge hit here last year (won several grammy’s) and that song has similar “briteness” as your track… but it also has the same harshness in the vocal. So I’m not sure… however, since it sounds good at your end, might even be my system

Funny, I just listened again and it sounds better this afternoon. Just a tiny bit of distortion on the vocal, and mostly during the loudest sections. Anyway, great energy going on there in that track

Much better :slight_smile:


And Kim …

er … could you do a version of this … same guitar parts, but do them with your New guitar?
I know you’ll sound different with your new one, but I want a definite comparison. You were telling me on Skype the other day that the new guitar does not just ‘do your bidding’ like the last one … and that this is, for you, a glorious adventure, a mountain, the climbing of which will enable you to witness and share sonic vistas as yet unimagined.

I can feel rumble in your future, because ever since I’ve known you, your expressions of feelings and emotions have been with the Song, its connections with Life and the Process of outputting it to media. I’ve Never heard you do the “Gear=Woman=Love” analogy except for that fecking Lounge Lizard VATi, and you’ve certainly been true and faithful to ‘her.’

So I know there’s special new stuff on the horizon, but I’d appreciate you’re doing a ‘re-guitarring’ of this or some other track we know of yours.

All the best

Hiya Kim. As always, a great mix. My only concern with this American style piece is that we wait nearly 2 minutes for the band. For radio ready, this has to come down to 30 seconds or less. Dunno what Hakon’s plans are for this but worth consideration.

Band sounds fabulous, vocals are just right too :sunglasses:

I too was surprised that the band came in halfway into the song, but I’m cool with it as long as Hakon’s not going
for radio exposure. I’m impressed by how you, Kim, don’t impose your own natural tendencies on Hakon’s
simpler arrangement. You keep it simple and tasteful, and let the lead voice have the floor.
Mix sounds very well balanced to me.

Love the song, but can’t make heads or tails of the lyrics…

its in darkness yar turn
dang yer cousins leaves
leavin somethin’ for the empty bloggers scene
lift their zingin ball all the time
but what of the bird breeze?

And it’s the feelin of the beat now
go ask her if that was my idea

The fins an blue
so big as night
it feels manly sure through the moose up on his land

Dude, do you think you are Jon Anderson or something :stuck_out_tongue: