My Time To Die

Hi there ,heres a pop tune ive had for quite a while now and just got round to maybe finishing it ,hope you like it. thanks

Nice! A little Roy Orbison vibe going on.

thanks for the listen

Hi Polgara, great to hear a new one from you! I like the sound of this one. Guitars all over the place! A little jazzy in the solo. Like a lot!

thanks for your reply Leon, glad you like it ,yes i would definitely need a lynyrd skynyrd type band in numbers to tackle all the guitars in a live situation on this one.

Morbid lyrics, but I like the execution, and the overall vibe. Good work!


Really cool tune. Nice mix.

thank you for the nice comments chaps

Nice work. You sound a bit like a very good guitar player friend of mine from NYC. He’s a hugely talented jazzer who started out with the Beatles as a kid. Wondering if that might describe you too. Good playing and singing and composition. Works nicely. Only minor suggestion would be to vary the drum part a little more in transitions and separate sections of the song.

Thanks for the listen and nice words ,somebody else has mentioned the drums and yes you are right about them .i actualy started out with and still are a big Hendrix fan and have only just recently (last 6 years) got into the Beatles through teaching myself to read music and have been playing the Beatles among other stuff in a classical style. i`m not a Jazz guitarist when trying to play in that style more of an ordered chaos guitarist.

Very nice, I like it a lot.

Awesome slide guitar sound. And those vocals … wait … are you George Harrison? :slight_smile:

Or maybe Don Ho? Or Tom Petty?


thank you very much .ha ha, Don Ho, love im defo none of those im still very much alive.

Very elegantly understated and deliciously rich and complex! Great solo, beautiful sounds and production all round.


thanks very much Steve , appreciated lots.

It’s a guitazmatron.© Jet 2018. :teef: What’s not to like about guitazmatrons?
And then some more (slide) guitars to boot?


i didn`t quite understand that Jet, ha ha .but thanks anyway .

Really very good song, the balance of instruments in the mix is excellent, good sound, beautiful performance, great mmod. I really like that. Bravo!

Sorry man. What I meant to say was: the more guitars, the merrier. :laughing:
I loved it.