My Trial AI 6 expired. I want to stay with 6. My options?

Hi - My new Yamaha amp came with Cubase AI 6 but it’s now expired. I’ve finally gotten used to it and love it. I don’t want to upgrade to a newer version if I don’t have to. My question is how can I make AI 6 a permanent, full functioning program? If I upgrade to Elements 6 for $39 will that be a permanent purchase with no future purchases necessary? And does Elements 6 have the same layout as AI 6?

Thanks in advance.


AI6 doesn’t expire if you activate it.

Thank you for responding…appreciate it!

But I’m confused. Didn’t I activate it to get the trial version?? About a week before my 30 days was up I kept getting a message when opening Cubase that I had one week left to mix down tracks. Now I can do everything but mix down my completed mix. Are you saying I can just activate it somehow without having to buy anything or upgrade?

Trial version runs automatically. Go to your MySteinberg account, choose activate software and use the # in eLCC to authorize it.

I really appreciate your time. Thank you.

Problem is the only license # I have keeps getting an error that it’s already been used. But that’s called a soft license and it looks like it’s tied to the demo version that ran from 11/7 to 12/7.

When I go to “Add Software” and enter the soft license number I have it tells me “software is already requested for this eLicenser”. If that’s the case I must have somehow requested it without knowing while trying to figure this out. Do I have to wait for someone to get back to me??

Sorry for the confusion. I’m pretty good with things like this but this has to be the most confusing process I’ve come across in a long time. I would think the Cubase program would point me in the right direction but it keeps pointing me to the online store to either upgrade to Elements 6 or purchase Cubase 7.5.

Are you mixing down to mp3? MP3 encoding is a time limited testversion in AI6, which you can then buy the full version of here

Bingo! Yes I was. I just tried again to wav and it worked. Thank you!!

Just wondering if I should still be doing something about this license thing. Am I all set to use the program indefinitely?

If the eLCC is showing “Full License” for the software in question, you should be good to go.

Also, you can buy the permanent MP3 Patch from the Online Shop …

Or you use the link thinkingcap had already posted 2 hours ago…

I really appreciate all of the help from you guys. I was pretty lost last night trying figure out how to proceed with the expired demo. Thanks again.

Missed that one, I guess!