My Wife Gives My Girlfriend The Creeps

My friend Jack Bruno played drums on this song.
I recently added some pedal steel and I whistled part of the solo.
I sang into a Warm WA 14.
I’m playing a strat with Flatwound 12’s tuned down to C.
Recorded on Cubase 10.5 into RME Fireface 802 in my basement.

Very funny lyrics
Nice song

Hey Iluvstrats, I was looking for the earlier version so I could compare; I think if I scroll back in this forum I should find it. I still love this song! The drums are perfect for it; are you saying they were changed since the earlier recording? I’m thinking not. I think you might want to consider lowering the volume a little on the pedal steel. It is a great addition, but sometimes it seems louder than the vocals.

Haha great! :smiley:

Early, I lowered the key from the original and added the pedal steel and a new guitar part. Also whistled on part of the solo.
Hope you’re doing well.

yes i vaguely remember the original you did and thinking i liked it ,i also like this version, pedal steel sounds great lovely sound and the guitar sounds nicely laid back and sounds good on the low notes especialy ill have to try a bit of that . Im not having a pop at your vocals just cause you did on my recording, honest,lol. but you did sound a bit like you werent really bothered or unsure about your voice and it sounds a bit masked by the pedal steel in the mid to lower frequencies, i wonder if the key was a bit low for your voice with this version ,maybe alter the melody up a third or something in places. apart from that it does sound great but all your stuff sounds really good anyway.

Great song (as it was before), and the guitar is lovely throughout, especially the very tasty solo. Great tone and playing.