My wishes for new time operations in Nuendo!

It’s a little bit strange that work in Nuendo that includes timing a sequence to 1 minute is so inconvenient!
Here is an example:
I want to create a 1 minute version of a cue that has an original length of 2.08 minutes.
I start by copying all the MIDI parts to a new bar position - let’s say bar 100. I then use the Arranger track to try to create the rough cut, but in the Arranger track I can’t see the duration anywhere! Well I CAN see the duration but the read out is a SMTP code:
Skærmbillede 2021-06-14 kl. 17.22.33.
I end up trying to time the sequence with my Iphone!!!
Can we have:

  1. Rulers with a separate time offset?
  2. An Arranger track editor that gives us useful and easy readable information about the chain?
    I know this is available in other DAWs, so just get going!!
    Stig Christensen MUSICMIND