Myriad issues Cubasis LE 3 Upgraded to FULL

Lars and Co. Having many issues with Cubasis LE 3 FULL on multiple devices, too many to post separately so here is a running list that does not include all gaffs but the ones I was able to document.

Cubasis LE 3.2.1

*Some tracks won’t play solo with nothing else solod. Some tracks will play even though they’re muted no/solod while desired tracks play or don’t play (iPad and iPhone)

*Rendering sloppy and not synced. This one is the dealbreaker. Various outcomes of a perfect mix, then rendered in mix down include demonic robot voices on normal vox tracks(!), Rendering very slow, a 5.5 minute piece becoming 20 minutes and slowed down, 28 track project exporting individual tracks for use in another daw taking a very long time, like 4 hours.

Freezing track also makes vocoder sound no vocoder apps present iPhone and iPad, as mentioned with mixdown. This was with realtime enabled.

*Sample placement goes in wrong track. This was an issue in 3.2 as well and hasn’t been fixed. Inserting from media bay will never go to desired audio track. It will generally go and hide under another track and I have to drag it from underneath. (iPad and iphone)

*Playback goes, meters bouncing but no sound (iPhone)

*UNDO list disappeared, (set to 50) (happened once. iPad)

Upgrading from ios 13.3 to 13.4 didn’t seem to help very much on any of these fronts. iPhone is 2020 SE2 with 256 GB at least 100 gb open. iPad is older, an iPad Air 2 from i think 2014 with maybe like 15-20 gigabytes free out of 64.

since I don’t see a lot of others reporting these problems, one question I have is this: Is my FULL UPGRADE of LE not identical to the purchase of CUbasis 3 outright? I was lead to believe it was the same but it sure doesn’t feel like I have a full working DAW. I have had to use a free DAW to complete some projects which is obviously quite disappointing when I thought I was purchasing the best DAW available for my devices. (With EVERY IAP, I might mention!)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @gregtheproduct,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

since I don’t see a lot of others reporting these problems, one question I have is this: Is my FULL UPGRADE of LE not identical to the purchase of CUbasis 3 outright?

Normally, Cubasis 3 and the Cubasis LE 3 Full Feature Set IAP are updated at the same time, to keep their feature sets synced. To make sure your app is up to date: When launching Cubasis LE, the launch screen should display Cubasis 3.2.1.

Now, please proceed with these steps first:

  • Load an empty project
  • Close all apps, including Cubasis
  • Fully shut down your iPhone/iPad

Once restarted, are you able to reproduce the issues above, when using Cubasis on its own? Or could the problems be related to other 3rd party instrument and effect plug-ins in use?

Alongside, please open the “System Info” tab in the inspector located on the left, and check for CPU and DSP spikes.

If you encounter playback problems or distorted audio etc. it might be required to choose higher latency values under Setup/Audio.

It’s also possible, that the number of loaded effect and/or instrument plug-ins exceeds the available performance of the given iOS devices in use.

In this regard, please have a look at our dedicated forum articles, to see if these are of help to improve the performance of the app:

Cubasis 3 Performance Issues

Cubasis 3.2 - Multicore-rendering & Latency Settings

If possible, please let me have your updated feedback about the remaining issues, after you’ve followed the steps above and the recommendations in the dedicated performance and multicore-rendering & latency settings articles.

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Lars thanks for the quick reply. Once I am done with current projects I will get back on C3 and start some projects using only internal fx and maybe external thru audiobus and AUM and report back with more documentation and video etc