MySteinberg account not showing all my products

Hi - I am managing the school licences for Dorico - and because of the nightmare we would face with students losing USB dongles, we decided to use the soft e-licencer route - so I set up my MySteinberg account and add the serial numbers of the software, and get the activation codes. As soon as I enter the activation code in the e-licencer on the target computer, it activates, but then disappears from my list of products in MySteinberg - which then defeats the purpose for me to do this through soft elicencer - as I need to be able to reclaim the licence in case of hardware failure.

Any ideas? How do I get MySteinberg to show all of my 40 licences - which were all entered through the MySteinberg account to get the activiation codes. I need to be able to force a new activation on any of them when someone’s computer dies!

Help please…

Welcome to the forum, Andy. Have you entered the Soft-eLicenser numbers of each of the 40 client machines into your MySteinberg account? That’s the crucial step, I think.