MySteinberg login issue


I’ve been trying to login to my MySteinberg account for a couple of days, but I’m having this problem. After submitting my email address and password opens a page that asks “For security reasons, verify your Steinberg ID. To verify your email address, please enter the verification code we sent to my email”. But the problem is that I’m not receiving any mail. Not even if I ask for resending the verification code email. And I have checked my spam box and the mails are not there either.
What can I do? How can this be fixed? Help! Please!

I see that you are in contact with the support team already via a support ticket. It should be possible to provide you with the code manually if the whitelist approach does not work.

me too.can help me PLZ

i am not receiving any email too. i cant log into my MySteinberg account. Help me.

Sorry to hear that you do not receive the emails! Please contact the support team using info at steinberg dot de as it’s easier to make an appointment there for providing the verification codes. PMs don’t really work well.

I have the same problem. The password will not work and I don’t recieve an email when trying to make a reset. I’ve checked and double checked everywhere as well as checked and double checked e-mail rules and blocks. I have also tried different reset using different browsers (Chrome, Edge and Firefox) without any luck. I hope there is a remedy for this. Best regards.

Also experiencing issues logging in and resetting online shop password, submitted to support, have yet to hear from them 24 hours later.

@ephisus, please note that the online shop system is completely separate from MySteinberg as the online shop is run by our partner Nexway. I hope that they reply soon!

I have the same problem. I have used Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to login (many tries). Same problem : I never received the security code in my mail box.
I use Zimbra and Thunderbird to read my mails. The security code message is not in my folders. I need a fast help because I can’t access to my account or buy a product.

dasoft, I have seen that you are in contact with the support team already. Please note that buying software does not depend on MySteinberg as the online shop is run by another company with a separate customer database.

Me too. I’ve been trying for days to get the activation code after re-installing Cubase 9.5 but no email comes from Steinberg! Are they aware this is a problem, or are they just overloaded with requests at the moment?

Pro, Artist or Elements/AI/LE?

Cubase Elements 9.5. I can’t get past first base until Steinberg emails me an Activation Code.

OzzieDave, I am sorry to hear that but next to the email that should be sent automatically, you’ll see the activation code right in MySteinberg as well after a successful reactivation. Is your post about the reactivation process itself or about the verification process preventing you from doing a reactivation?

Thanks Ed. After a system crash I re-installed Windows 10, then Cubase Elements 9.5 with upgrade. Then I opened eLicense Control Centre which told me that I needed the latest version, so I downloaded & installed that. (Can’t see my license listed.) After running the Maintenance routine, it asks for a current Activation Code, which is what I’m trying to get. Now I’m repeatedly trying to contact MySteinberg who are supposed to email me a verification code to proceed, but I’m receiving nothing! David

RESOLVED. The solution: create a new MySteinberg account using a different email address. If this works as expected (ie. you receive an email with a verification code), lodge a service request with Steinberg Support (if you haven’t already done so). When they finally contact you, ask them to transfer your licence/s across to the new account. From there the re-activation process should work as expected. They probably will have no idea why their system no longer recognises your old account/email. Cheers, David.

I’ve been trying to login since November 2019 :weary: and still haven’t got a response from asknet or mysteinberg