Mystery non existing files sounds non the less

Something peculiar happened last night.
I was tidying up a project renaming audio files and stuff I pretend to do on a regular basis but won’t admit I’m to lazy to actually do.
Last night I did some of that housekeeping and came across 4 files I couldn’t rename in the pool.
Then I noticed their file path.
That’s an OLD file path meaning those files shouldn’t even exist!!!
But they did.
It’s an dead path … pining for the fjords, if you will.
Long story short I copied the parts in the project window and moved them beyond the end of the song.
Then I exported /imported them and as I hear no difference I’m happy!
I then erased the files with bad file paths from the Pool and it all works again.

but the question is
WHAT WERE THOSE FILES??? :open_mouth:
Where did they actually reside?
I checked the Project/Audio folder and they were not there?
I searched the projects hard drive for the names and nothing came up.

Just curious so any guesses?