Mystery when combining flows

I am trying to merge flows which have identical sets of five reed instruments: Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet in Bb and Bassoon. The players, instrumental descriptions, transpositions and layout names are identical but on the combined project the bass clarinet is added as an additional instrument in the second flow called bass clarinet 2 and positioned at the bottom of the score instead of being above the bassoon as it is in the first flow.
I have used a workaround by assigning bass clarinet 2 to the first bass clarinet player position on the second flow but it still leaves the staff descriptions wrong on the score.
I have checked, as far as I can ascertain that all descriptions etc. are identical but I must have missed something for Dorico to think there is a difference. The other instruments are fine.
Any suggestions as to what I have overlooked would be most welcome.

I’m not quite sure how you got to the situation you’re in, but here’s a better workaround: Go into Galley view, select all the music on the “bass clarinet 2” staff, cut it, and paste it on to the “bass clarinet 1” staff.

Or in Galley View, select it and use Alt-M to move it up to the higher staff…

Thanks for the suggestions. Galley View proved to be the key to sorting the misappropriations out.