Mythical Pop-Up Menu to import key switches?

From the Cubase Pro 9.5 Manual section on Expression Maps:

“2. Select the track, open the Expression Map section in the Inspector, and select “Import Key Switches” on the pop-up menu. Note that this menu option will only be available when the loaded program contains key switches.
The Expression Map Setup window opens.”

I am trying to do this with a keyswitched instrument (3 Trumpets) from Hollywood Brass using Play which is now a VST 3 host. I just cannot find the “Import Key Switches” on any pop-up menu.

All help appreciated.

Well, I’ve concluded that this feature is not implemented with East/West VST3 PLAY 6, or the libraries yet or I have misunderstood the manual. I will have to build expression maps out of different articulations and not use Key Switched instruments. Just FYI.

You’re right. It’s up the VST dev to provide the function, so they have to do this explicitly.

Another FYI: for an excellent Expression Mapping tutorial go here: