N 5.5.3 Won't Export to Folders except Project Audio Folder

Hey all,

I just did a fresh clean install on a new mac.
Lion 10.7.3.
Installed Nuendo 5.5 then updated to 5.5.3 (also NEK).

Here is my problem,
The only folder I can export to is the project audio folder. I can’t select a new folder for example “exports” or “deliverables” or for that manner any folder. I can navigate to them during the “choose location and filename” pop up but cancel is the only option available to choose as the “Save” button always is grey’ed out.

This worked just fine on 5.5.2. Did something break in 5.5.3?

Can anyone verify this ? This is nearly a showstopper for me due to the number of files I have to export and the need to put those exports into a specific hierarchy.

permissions issue perhaps?

i can’t repro that behaviour here.

Hey Max,

Well that was a weird one that I’ll just call an anomaly I guess!
I tried reopening the session and other other sessions and just couldn’t get the option to save my export to a folder to work. Then Nuendo crashed. I restarted, repaired permissions and things seemed fine.

So the permissions repair seemed to resolve it but I can’t help but feel like I’m walking on pins and needles with this current build. I’ve got another strange issue happening this morning that I’ll start a new thread about as this issue seems resolved.

Thanks for your help though!