N 6.0.7 & 6.5 graphic issues - OSX 10.9.2

Hi everyone,

I have been dealing with some kind of graphic issue ever since upgrading from 5.5. When I open a project and attempt to open the MixConsole, Edit Channel, Video Player (pretty much anything other than the Arrange or Transport) nothing happens… If I click on the windows tab up on the menu bar I see the MixConsole (and other windows) there, they’re just hidden… If I minimize all windows and then restore them - Ta-da! - there they are. But I have to minimize/restore every time I open a new window, which is not much fun! Often have to restart my machine to resolve the issue.

Anyone else had anything like this? My engineer works on a PC and doesn’t have any problems, seems like its mac related, it does the same thing on my mac laptop.


Yes, I’m having this problem upon opening a project. Started the day I “upgraded” to Mavericks.

In my case, clicking on the Nuendo icon in the dock restores everything to where it should be, and then it behaves until closed. Happens again upon reopening.

It’s a real pain before you figure out how to manage it, especially when dealing with workspaces, and is apparently a N6/Mavericks issue. Tech support told me it will likely not be fixed in this cycle. I hope the guy was wrong! But, for what it’s worth, the dock-clicking thing does work, at least in my case.


Thanks Chewy,

Just have to wait it out I guess. Thanks for the tips!