N Crashing on large projects from N 6.0.7

Hi there,

I installed Nuendo and I was trying to open my current project. It’s about a 32MB Nuendo file with over 13,000 edits. It opens fine in N6.07, but I get the Mac colored beach-ball when opening from N6.5.40.315.

It opens… seems like it’s taking longer to link up the files… it eventually opens the project screen and the pool (it’s last saved state), but either the Mac beachball starts all by itself or it happens when I touch the project in any way.

Fortunately, N6.07 and N6.5 seem to coexist nicely together… so I can continue working on 6.0.7 while we figure this out.

I’m running Mac OS 10.9.5 on an 8 core 2009 with RME RAYDat. There are actually zero plugins loaded into this session… purely editing session.

Any ideas?


Andrew K