N-tuplets on Grace Notes and alternatives

Hello everyone,

I would like to put the number “3” above the Grace Notes when they are a Triplet, but this does not happen automatically as with regular Notes.

I tried 4 solutions.
2 Solutions “work”, but are extra work (1 and 4), the other 2 do not work (2 and 3).

1 - the 3 notes are Guide Notes, the “3” is automatic, notes and number sized correctly, but the Triplet will appear before the bar;
2 - the 3 notes are Grace Notes, the “3” does not appear (see staff settings);
3 - the 3 notes are Grace Notes, I select them, then “Build N-Tuplets”, but when I click on Quantize (View only) it destroys the main note;
4 - the 3 notes are Grace Notes, the “3” is entered manually (imagine a score with many cases like this!).

N-Tuplets on Grace Notes Setup

Can it be considered as a shortcoming, a bug, or something else, or to be revised or added in future versions?
Maybe I don’t know how to do it?
Word to the experts.

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What I would do:

  1. I would create a user symbol, like this (Times New Roman, 10, Italic):

  2. Add it like this:

  3. Copy the 8th note.

  4. Apply the same symbol to multiple grace note groups:

I know this method is stupid, but if you think it helps, use it. The problem is that note symbols can’t be linked to grace notes (which is a bummer…).

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Grande @alin89c !

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@Alin89c I tried your solution, but an unexpected error occurs from me: when I paste (only the attributes), the destination note changes its duration, becoming shorter (it is modified).

Now I don’t have Cubase, if I can I’ll post a screenshot.
Thanks anyway.

This is exactly why I said the method is stupid: because you can’t choose which attributes to paste (or which attributes to ignore). Length is an attribute and gets copied with the user symbol (“3”).

Ok @alin89c, everything is clear now.

The idea was excellent to be used as a temporary method, we hope they solve the case with automatic recognition (of the corresponding number) also for the Grace Notes.

Thanks anyway.