N00b in need of help...

Hey all,

I primarily use Cubase Elements 7 with EZdrummer 2 for various drum related tasks, so beyond that I’ve got no idea what I am doing…

I have tried searching the forum for a similar problem to this but couldn’t find any posts that would help.

I want to use cubase to trigger some orchestration loops when playing live. Gear wise, I’ve been using an alesis trigger io, cubase, EZdrummer 2 metal machine and some home made piezo triggers on a home made e-kit to record drums and it works well enough for that.

I also use this set up with my acoustic kit live to trigger my bass drum, but in addition to this I want to use the same set up to trigger orchestration samples etc…basically i want to be able to hit an e-kit pad or piezo trigger and have cubase play a piece of music instead of a drum sound, but still be able to trigger the bass drum too.

I have literally no idea how to do this but I’ve been told by several people that it is possible (although none will tell me how :unamused: )

If I’m not making sense or I need to add more info please let me know, my knowledge of this subject is extremely limited. I am wondering if I need to use HALion or a different VST in addition to EZdrummer but I wouldnt know where to start

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Gonna have to get those orch samples into a sample player like Halion. then just hook up your triggers, via midi, and on the track that halion is assigned go to the Input chooser of the halion track and select your midi input with the triggers connected to it.
not rocket surgery, but might take some feckin’ around to accomplish.

There are a couple of free vst samplers around that will do this for you…for instance Short Circuit (v1.1.2) (ONLY this version works well)

Thanks for the swift responses :slight_smile:

I’ll have a play with halion and if no joy i’ll try short circuit :smiley: