N10.3 & Euphonix MC

Nuendo 10.3 is not loading the Nuendo user set on the Euphonix System 5 MC controllers and 408’s - As Avid has “End of Life’d” these very expensive products, it’s looking like Steinberg is following suite. Does anybody know if this is an intentional move by Steinberg to discontinue support for these products and EUCON? Eucon is active and the MC does seems to be connected OK – Just load a very minimal set of commands available.

Does anybody more knowledgeable than me, know how to get the old Nuendo userset working on the MC Controllers and 408 fader packs?

thank you

It’s a bug. I already emailed someone. It’s on the list.

I own a standalone MCPro which hasn’t got any issues -so far- at all.
Do your MC Pro’s work properly when you disconnect your 408T’s?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hmm - that’s interesting - so it loaded up as usual in 10.3? I understand this is a dumb question - but are you certain you’re launching 10.3? the way the update installed, it installed 10.3 separately from 10.2.2 – So I just wanted to confirm that.

I can load 10.2.2 the MC is fine - Then 10.3 and it’s broken –

I have not tried anything different with the 408 - Since it mainly get’s it’s info from the MC - I can’t see that being any issue – But I can turn it off and test - I’ll report back if something results from that –

Yes, I can confirm that I’m on 10.3.
As a silly evidence I am now looking at the Combined Selection Tools which came available in 10.3.
And, again I can confirm that my MCPro works like it did before Nuendo 10.3…

The specs of my EuCon-system:

Nuendo 10.3, EuCon v7.3.0.6
EUCon Workstation v4.01x12611424

MCPro (v1 -the white version- / 4 faders):
EuCon 4.0.1
MCApp Version: 3.6.1.


Interesting I will have to test again.
My definetly lost all smart key bindings (no labels everything blank) restarting did not help. But only in 10.3. previos version ok.
I also have the MC PRO v1 silver 4 fader (plus a 408T)