N10 crashes when doing realtime timestretching/-warping edit: UPDATE, not be the timestretching after all

I have a session where if I do audio timestretching it makes N10 very prone to crashing.

It’s kind of a heavy session, with ten video files on the video track (ten variations of the same spot) and some tracks with plugins such as IDC, Soothe and Gullfoss. Whenever I start stretching likely very soon I will hear a short glitching sound and it’ll crash. This is a project created in N10, with a project template (the template was made in N8 and is a clean template with no plugins - but does have pre-created group channels etc). I did create another clean project into which I imported an audio file and stretched away wildly but couldn’t replicate it there so something is conflicting within the project and the timestretching.

System specs are Win10 64bit, TR1950X, X399 Gaming Pro Carbon, Steinberg UR22 Mk2 (newest drivers).

UPDATE: I’ve now done some more work within the session and Nuendo keeps crashing every now and then even though I have no timestretching stuff going on. So it’s something else, probably some plugin-related stuff then?


Coudl you please attach the crash dmp file located in Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps folder?