N10 keeps crashing with Real Guitar 3

Starting a new orchestral piece. I started with an empty project.

  1. I loaded 16 standard MIDI files from my 01-W Pro. and relabeled them from the auto assigned General Midi Names back to their correct names.
  2. I organized the 16 tracks into Group Folders.
  3. I loaded my VSTi’s based on what would be needed to play the 16 MIDI tracks
  4. When I tried to load 3 instances of Real Guitar 3 (and this is significant) on nylon string setting, Nuendo crashed and shut down! :astonished:

    The 1st time, I hadn’t even gotten a chance to name and save the project. I had to go find it in the Untitled Folders Section. There, I labeled the BAK File and re-opened it. Then I save the file formally. The only work I’d lost was where I was loading the Real Guitar VSTi. I tried loading again and it crashed again. This time I expected to find my saved project in the Recent Projects Directory. But it wasn’t there! :astonished: I had to go back to the Untitled Folder to find my PROJECT, not BAK File. I launched it again and IT OPENED IN NUENDO 8.3.

So, I went into the Properties Tab and told it to open in N10, which it did. Then I tried loading the Guitars 1 at a time and SAVED after each entrant. When I loaded the 3rd instance with the default Steel String setting, it was fine. As soon as I changed it to the Nylon Strings setting, it crashed. WTH?

Anybody else having or had any issues with Real Guitar? I’ve used it lots of times without problem on the i7 MOBO. But now I’m on an i9 MOBO. Could that be causing some kind of limitation conflict? I’ve got no clue what’s happening. Can anybody tell me how to correct this?


Could you attach the *.DMP file, please?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps


I would need any of the DMP file. But I can’t see any Nuendo 10.3 DMP in the list. Does it mean it doesn’t crash with Nuendo 10.3 anymore?

I’m not on 10.3. I don’t want to give up my transparent tracks feature. Until that’s returned I’m sticking with 10.0.2.


Then share few of the Nuendo 10.0.2 DMPs, please. Act least to check, if the crash is in Nuendo or the plug-in.

That is just a picture of the folder with the crashes.
I think Martin needs the actual .DMP file as an attachment, not the picture.