N10 Mac Source Elements NEXUS

(I’ve been working on PC’s for the last 20yrs)
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I’m working with a new Mac set-up trying to get Source Elements - Source Connect / Source Live / SC TalkBack / NEXUS working properly inside of N10 -

I was trying to figure out routing and I’m having trouble getting the (VIRTUAL) input side of things to show up - for Instance - Since I could not figure out a way for Cues to work properly because it seems like virtual routing is not an option in the Control Room I/O config - I was trying to figure out how to remap the talkback output - post on/off - so that I could buss it independently in my routing scheme - I thought I would try and use NEXUS to accomplish this. So I put a NEXUS on the Talkback channel INSERT in the control room section. No Problem - I’m able to route audio out of Nexus on any of NEXUS I/O available. So in theory I should beable (in N10) to take an Input Ch or Group CH and insert a Nexus plugin and route it back into N10 for further configuring – well the input side of things don’t work – I can output anything into Nexus to go out - but I can get anything to come back in.

I’m not a ProTools user - but I made a basic ProTools project - created a buss loaded up a Nexus plugin and the input side worked as expected - like the virtual wire that it is.

I also have Loopback app - so I can see metering going out of NEXUS and routed back into NEXUS - so I have no doubt the virtual routing functions are working just fine –

Is there a N10 set-up config that is blocking this functionality? or does anybody have any ideas why this does not work as it should? I gotta get this working and it’s super frustrating –

I was thinking that it might have to do with the “release driver” toggle in the Device Setup Page – but that didn’t make any difference – BTW do you N10 Mac guys always run N10 with the Release Driver setting in the OFF position? I’m assuming so at this point - Still trying to wrap my head around Core Audio - NEXUS and Loopback – Very cool stuff but I can’t get N10 to play nice with these useful tools.

Please let me know if you have experience setting this stuff up properly – Very little information out there on the WWW regarding this

I still don’t have things working correctly – but I did discover a bug that adds to the confusion –

Nexus A & B each have 24 paths – they show up as A 1-24 and B 1-24.

In N10 using the Nexus plug-in they show up as 1-24 (and in all the ProT routing)

But in N10 in the I/O config they show up as 0-23 - so everything is off by one position –

I have also been playing in Core Audio with an aggregate I/O set-up – Using the interface (Apollo x16) and Nexus A (1-24)

I’m leaving Nexus B (1-24) out of the aggregate I/O, thinking I can gain some functionality using it as a plugin vs part of the N10 I/O config.

Anybody out there working on this stuff like me? – LMK if you have any advise – thank you

I realize now the I/O Numbering is a none issue - Studio SetUp allows those changes - so my bad

As far as Source Elements Nexus and Studio Link plugins - I have not been able to get them to work properly - I have been trying to use the VST3 version of Nexus for this setup - The VST2 version seems to crash my system fairly quickly when I try and use – The SEND part of the plugs seem to work as intended - but the RECEIVE part I’ve been unsuccessful getting any signal to pass –

So for now the work around I’m using is to run Source Connect as a stand alone plugin and use an aggregate device comprised of - Apollo x16 - Nexus - Loopback as selectable I/O – I’ll reach out to the Source Elements people for support – over & out

Thanks for the frequent information updates, following along for knowledge gain.