N10 SRC, uses SoX?

I’m doing a sample pack for commercial release and need to know what is happening with N10’s sample rate conversion.

Does N10.0 now use SoX like Cubase10? Is it accessed via export > audio mixdown > and simply selecting the new sample rate? I’ve always avoided Nuendo’s SRC but if it’s SoX now, that would be good to know (as I can ditch external software).

Cubase SoX: http://admiralbumblebee.com/music/2018/11/14/Cubase-10-update.html#sox-resampling

I’d like to know this too

Thanks for bumping. Surely Steinberg techs must know what algorithm(s) are currently used. It seems like this is basic stuff the pro market (Nuendo) would want to know about.

I too would like to know…


Strange, no answer from anyone at Steinberg…

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I think SoX is only part of Cubase 10 on correct?

Can someone kindly chime in on a SRC option for Nuendo 10 / MAC ??
I’m trying to find a free / low cost option to export a Mix from 48 > 44.1.
Pretty please.

Nuendo’s SRC is known to be high-quality since quite some time now:


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Wait, is this available in N10!!?? or just 11?

I might be mistaken, but I think the SRC implementation has been updated with version 6 already. NU5 and older versions were pretty bad in that respect, that’s true … 8-/

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I can’t find SRC as an option in NU10. I wish someone would tell me I’m wrong.

I haven’t been able to find a Mac ver. for free or low cost for this one task.

Uhm … “SRC” is just the usual abbreviation for “sample rate conversion”. You simply select the target rate during the export dialog, or from the dedicated context-specific right-click menu.

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