N11 Bounce slower?


I have the feeling that nuendo exporting slower than before.
Each export i do … it’s like real time really. I made sure the realtime export is not ticked.
I don’t think i added some special plugin. And really the session i’m on is 4 audio tracks and 4 kontakt instance… nothing crazy and 10plugs overall.
Anyone noticing this ?

Yes! I’ve noticed that but though it was the issue with particular project. Just like realtime export. So there’re two of us already. Anyone else?

Yes I’ve noticed this too. Particularly annoying on long programs. Noticeably longer.

Me too. Maybe the new stems code?

I was about to jump on the bandwagon but did a quick test first and the same project in 10.3 and 11.1 bounced at pretty much the exact same speed.

But that said some other projects have felt like they bounced very slowly so maybe it’s plugins related?

Maybe the progress bar just looked faster before lol.

Set buffer size to max before exporting. Check my latest post about the topic.