N11 Bounce slower?


I have the feeling that nuendo exporting slower than before.
Each export i do … it’s like real time really. I made sure the realtime export is not ticked.
I don’t think i added some special plugin. And really the session i’m on is 4 audio tracks and 4 kontakt instance… nothing crazy and 10plugs overall.
Anyone noticing this ?

Yes! I’ve noticed that but though it was the issue with particular project. Just like realtime export. So there’re two of us already. Anyone else?

Yes I’ve noticed this too. Particularly annoying on long programs. Noticeably longer.

Me too. Maybe the new stems code?

I was about to jump on the bandwagon but did a quick test first and the same project in 10.3 and 11.1 bounced at pretty much the exact same speed.

But that said some other projects have felt like they bounced very slowly so maybe it’s plugins related?

Maybe the progress bar just looked faster before lol.

Set buffer size to max before exporting. Check my latest post about the topic.

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Today I made a surround 1:30 movie master mix. It took 46 minites no matter if I set 128 or 2048 of buffer size. It’s TOO long for i9, 64 gb ram and NVME ssd. Definitely it was much better before.

Even more, today I occasionly looked into resource monitor and saw the CPU load. Only ONE core was used. I have Multi Proccessing option turned on. What???

Nuendo and Cubase started to disable true multicore rendering. Especially when bouncing offline.
The only way to get all your cores active is to use AsioGuard which buffers everything all the time ahead using all available cores. If you disable AsioGuard, there is basically broken Multithreading with no more than 8 core usage at best.
Exporting a project offline might deactivate Asioguard by design.

The reasoning for disabling multithreading was something about stability issues with super high core count machines that started to show up with the introduction of the first Threadripper and such.
After a few temporary registry fixes that worked for me and many others, steinberg went ahead and disabled half the cores completely. DAWBench has also removed steinberg software because of that.
My thechnical reasoning may not be 100% right, as i am just paraphrasing what i remember from some DAWBench blog that i found while figuring out why my TR CPU was not fully utilized. The temporary Regfix a few years ago worked great for me but was removed as the engine was changed with Cubase 10.5 or 10 at least.

Here is hoping they’ll fix it in the future “again”.

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There’re too many “hoping they’ll fix it” for me. It’s pretty disappointing that such great ideas that Nuendo has, live together with bunch of imperfections.

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I know I had to disable GPU optimization in N11 for stability, I’m wondering if that had anything to do with exports taking longer. It’s really noticeable, particularly on long program material.

Hoping apple releases higher end M1 Imacs later this year and maybe this will work better with the current version on Nuendo…