N11 - Crashes with grafic driver issues


started running N11 in our studio. Love some of the new features but we are having trouble with something graphic driver related.

There are random crashes - sometimes during editing with crossfades, sometimes using zoom functions on the Nuage Master and also during recordings! Meters are freezing and you get the message of an unrecoverable error.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

Error Code = 0x80070005

Our setup is W10 with i7, Graphic AMD Firepro W5100 and NUAGE.

Thanks for help!


had similar problems with Nuendo 8.3 on a W10, i9 machine combined with Nuage and with exactly the AMD Firepro W5100 in 2019. In my case Nuendo crashed occasionaly without exact reasons, sometimes even without any action. Couldn’t solve the problem and returned the machine to my specialized reseller because there was no solution for the problem (it was brandnew). Since 8.3 Nuendo seems to be very picky regarding graphics cards or some mainboard-graphic cards-processor combinations… Perhaps you could change the graphics card - that was the only “solution” the steinberg support had. But it was weired because regarding to the specialized post pro studio reseller this configuration (except the processor type that was brandnew) worked at other clients.

Sorry that i can’t tell you a solution but i hope with more bug-reports steinberg will maintain their QA departement as there seems to be some essential gaps (I had also some weired bugs with Nuendo10.3 on macs - but luckily not as hard as the crash while working but often also problems with the graphics. Since the introduction of the new faster developement cycles there seems to be a growth of bugs also).

Hope you find a solution and get your system running reliable.


I’m on win10 i9 9900k, windows 10 with Nuage.
I’m hunting random crashes (Nuendo shutting down without any crash window or crashdump) for a year now. not frequent, but annoying of course.
One thing I found was that crashes was happening when CPU temp was spiking, so I changed the cpu cooling to more efficient and crashes became less frequent but still happened.
next thing I did I switched graphic adapter from nvidia 1080 to radeon pro 5700 few days ago. Didn’t have a crash since then, but it’s too soon to be sure.

I don’t know if you resolved this, but I have some clues from my system that may help.
Changing from Nvidia 1080 to radeon pro w5700 seemed to help, but only of a while - problems with graphics and crashes were more frequent overtime.
I spent last week searching for solution changing configuration, updating and reversing drivers and so on.

my conslusion is that some OpenGL plugins (for example rx 8 declicker) crash nuendo if I run Nuendo in graphic adapter “performance mode”. the plugin gui doesn’t have to be visible to crash - crashes happen even if I have rx 8 declicker in DOP with DOP window closed.

when I switch graphic adapter to optimal quality plugins graphics works well, but - I have stuttering video if video is full screen.
So as a workaround I work with graphic adapter “opimal quality” mode with windowed video - that stopped rx 8 and other to crash.
Newest radeon pro driver don’t have quick switch between graphic modes, so I rolled back to 20Q4 which is a last that have it.

I’m not sure if this could be the case in other systems, but it works for me for now.
my configuration is
i9 9900k, asus z390WS, 32GB ram, radeon pro w5700, nuage master, nuage fader x2, rme hdspe madifx, win10 21H1, N11.02


edit: disabling “amd external events utlility” in msconfig help with full screen window stuttering in “optimal quality” mode.