N11: Game sound & Pro sound FX?

There are two files for download with Nuendo 11: FCP_SMT_816_Pro_Sound_Effects & FCP_SMT_815_Game_Sound_FX. Both are a single .vstsound file.

Any advice on how these are meant to be used and incorporated into Nuendo? Previous libs are scanned by the media manager and show up as individual samples. These new ones are just one giant file and nothing seems to be able to see them.

You need to install the Steinberg library manager. Then you double click on the file and it will install.

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Thanks, yes I know this & have done so.
My question was: how are these to be accessed & used?
As one large file, they do not appear to show up anywhere - in the media bay, HAlion, whatever.

Hello there, after you install them, they should be in your Media Tab. Please look at the screenshot.

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Thanks, got it.
Interesting though, earlier Steinberg SFX libraries comprise individual samples and folders, and once scanned, show up in the Media Bay. In this case the format has changed., is now one large .vstsound file and can only be accessed from the Media Tab, but no longer from the Media Bay.

I’ve checked and it is in media bay. They belong to the audio file category.