N11 Horizontal scroll on keys - please vote!

Any news on getting hor. scroll on key commands? I have first posted this request back in 2014 (!). There are numerous requests for this feature in this forum (Cubase and Nuendo).

It is to me the most annoying lapse in the Nuendo UI. In some projects i find myself scrolling like crazy with the mouse wheel without getting immediately where I want.

Its also very annoying having to use two hands for such a simple command. (press SHIFT + scroll mouse wheel). There is no way to get this on a single key while all other scrolling, moving around is available. Its pretty weird.

A key command should scroll the window by exactly the amount of time it is actually showing. So if it shows 8 bars (lets say 20-27) Ctrl + RIGHT ARROW would for example scroll to 28-35). Such a simple feature, what a gain in operation !
In a luxury version there would be a second option to scroll only half of the current window size.

This ‘scroll by keys’ feature should be available in basically all windows with the same logic/functionality.

Would someone else like to support this request please? We are talking about most fundamental basic functionality and usability …