N11 Score Editor Project Cursor Alt + Shift click?

According to the documentation, the position pointer in the score editor can be set in the staff by Alt + Shift mouse click. In Nuendo 10 this worked great. In Nuendo 11 apparently only the Alt key is considered and a note is inserted.
Is this a bug, or is the old behavior restorable by some setting.

I’m seeing that also, and it has been reported to Steinberg.

Thank you very much.

From the developer Mr Michaelis, I quote:

The default settings for ALT+SHIFT+click differs between Cubase and Nuendo - in Nuendo, this key combination is used for the “Slip Events”-feature.

You can (re)activate the positioning here: Edit Menu > Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers > Select Tool (overwrite the modifier).

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Set the pref for Set Position to Shift-Alt, (or anything you like actually) which will overwrite those modifiers for Slip

Fine, that works.
But: That is not documented that way - please update.

Apparently, this is a score editor topic. In Nuendo 10 ALT+SHIFT+click works without overriding the tool modifier. Praise to Steinberg, it really helps to have the old version available for reference after an update.!

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Yes, this seems to be an (annoying) documentation error more than anything.

But this is only a detail. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with the stability of N11. So your suport was great.

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