N11 working with video and ADR at VST connect pro

hi guys, the question is, what video format to use for ADR using the Internet? I purchased the vst connect pro, but after the first launch, it refused to run prores proxy files on the main computer. any help,thx

Working with no other video format than ProRes, and never had a problem.
Using VST connect Pro on a weekly basis.
So I don’t think it is a Nuendo or VST COnnect problem.


Fredo, it is very strange. After load prores file im have message “prores video files are not supported by VST connect pro” (win10)

" Important note: Apple ProRes video is not supported."

for performer
" Important note: Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes videos are not supported."

OK, I see what happens. (in my place)
We have an internal videosystem (Blackmagic Video swither) which allows us to route any video output to any TV/Screen.
We also have a Blackmagic ATEM, which allows us to send/select a few webcams and videosources (including our internal video system) to the client.
So we are sending video through the “Webcam” input of VST Connect Pro.
So the video format is not an issue.

Apologies for the confusion.

The entire planet should switch to Nuendo and this app. Sooo much hassle with PT and Source Connect and Source Nexus and Zoom and…