N12 issue - successful install and used, suddenly can't find licensing

I have been through the new licensing thoroughly as I use Dorico, which was the first app to be upgraded. The Nuendo install went fine, license was upgraded, and I used (and crashed) it a few times. Now it’s not finding it’s license. Meanwhile Dorico runs just fine.

This has been a very problematic release. How do I diagnose this?

@TimoWildenhain Can you please offer some guidance on resolving this? I’m unable to use Nuendo now at all.

I reinstalled Neundo - no help. I’m running Activation Manager, it hangs on “Loading, please wait …”. Dorico 4 still runs just fine.

Also, my understanding is that after being activated the license system never talks to the servers again, however on startup Nuendo sits there for all of 10s or so on “Checking licenses …”

Please check into this or point me to somebody on your team - thanks.

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Ich spreche nur ein bischen Deutch …

In other words, please translate :slight_smile:

Out of desperation I finally rebooted and believe it or not that solved it. Seemed there was an errant hidden licensing app erred out in the background. Steinberg licensing is vastly better now but there are still issues that could be improved.


Which operating system platform are you using; Mac OSX or Windows?
If it is Windows, then which browser do you use as default?

Both, but Win11 in this case, however the issue wasn’t initial license setup, it was after a couple days of using it.