N12 - not playing back or writing audio files

I recently wiped and reinstalled my MAcOS on the Mini where i use Nuendo 12 then reinstalled everything. The issue I have is that I’m able to see and hear the audio coming from my interface (RME UCX II), but it does not record to disc. I enabled track record then activate record but the signal doesn’t register in the recording lane.
This all worked before I wiped my Mac and reinstalled everything, so i opened a project that had a recording in it and I am able to see the waveform in the recording lane, but it doesn’t play back.

Is this a setting in Nuendo that i am missing or a MacOS setting? The projects are currently recorded and stored on an external drive, so i tried it on the internal HD of my mac and I have the same behavior. I haver microphone enabled for Nuendo as well as Full Disk access.
Any ideas on the root cause of this?


Do you have the proper audio device selected in Studio Setup?

yes, I have the inputs and outputs setup . The UCX II set as my audio device.

I’m able to set the input and output at the track level. I see the signal from the input (my guitar), but it won’t record or playback from a previously recorded project.

i open the wav file i’m trying to play in Nuendo in one of my other audio apps (Adobe Audition and it plays correctly.

and I forgot to mention i’m able to record via the same setup in Audition.

Is the drive you’re recording to with Nuendo possibly full?

No, it has over 500 gig free. I recorded to the same drive with Audition. Initially i thought it was an access issue, but Nuendo has full access to all drives and I’m able to record to the same drive with Audition. The directories aren’t locked down. I’m running in my name and I’m the admin. Seems to be something specific to Nuendo and the MacOS.

Check whether an audio folder is created in the new project folder when you create a new project. It could be as if Nuendo doesn’t have read or write permissions to the filesystem.
(for exampel try to import a file into an empty audiotrack)

Or something else:
I don’t know what it’s like on the Mac. But on Windows, the system can seize the audio driver for playback. Then Nuendo cannot use it.

yes, the new folder is created. The option to release the audio driver is not activated, so it keeps control of the audio device.

I resolved the issue the hard way - wiped my mac and reinstalled everything. Nuendo now has access to the removable drive where I store my Nuendo projects. Everything works correctly now. Somehow i restricted access in the previous install.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

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For future reference, you absolutely do not need to completely wipe your system drive in order to change the permissions on an external drive.

Sorry that you ended up going the extremely long way to fix this.

Thanks, I knew the issue was around accessing and writing, but wasn’t able to change the permissions. I tried uninstalling Nuendo and all Steinberg products and reinstalling but the switch to allow Nuendo full disk access was grayed out and unavailable. it would have been better if i could have changed the access, but it gave me the opportunity to clean up the computer. That’s always a good thing.

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To be able to change access / permissions on your system, you need an admin level user account. Typically, on a DAW, we only have one “root / admin” user, unless in a commercial studio, then we do tend to put a “guest” user that cannot do damage to the system :wink: