N12 - Pin process issue

Hi everyone,

Recently I start to use this fuction, found there is an issue out there, at least I think it’s an issue althought they release N13 and they won’t fix anythhing on N12.

Here is my flow:

  1. Press F7 to open DOP, insert a plugin without Pin Process, I’m using Pro-Q3 to low cut, hit apply.
  2. Check pin process
  3. use RX denoise learn and apply, or use stock gain function instead denoise.
  4. Uncheck pin process
  5. delete RX denoise, but waveform doesn’t change, it still stay on denoised.
  6. delete Pro-Q3, waveform change, no denoised, no low cut.

I didn’t test more plugin on it, I think the process while " Pin Process", it will count on the plugin before Pin Process.

Does anyone has same situration?

I’m on Mac 12.7.2
Nuendo 12.0.70

I am not clear here, are you clicking “pin process” while ProQ3 is still instantiated and then attempting to run RX denoise?

Click “pin process” after Pro-Q3 was done, and then run RX denoise.
I thought no matter what plugins process on clip after “pin process”, when you uncheck “pin process” and delete those plugin you were add while “pin process” is actived, it won’t effect clip itself until you delete the plugin before “pin process”,
Do every step after the previews process is done.

Not sure. I only use pin process if leaving the process up for other clips. If I am just switching processes on the same clip then there’s no need for pin process in my workflow.

So am I, only use pin process for if there are other clips need to be process.
But I don’t use pin process now, it has waveform bug when I delete plugin, just like I post above, found it because I thought this clip may not need denoise, so I take it off. Maybe you could do the same test you’ll know what I am talking about.
Delete plugin affect sound, but not waveform.