N12: Some initial issues:

Just installed N12.0.52 but unfortunately there are some issues:

  1. It can not be used due to the fact that there no ‘racks’ showing on the MixConsole - They are all checked be displayed but there is nothing visible - just blackness.

  2. Not all of my VST2 plugins loaded. Some did but others, like the Line6 Pod Farm x64 plugins did not show up. The list of VST2 paths at the bottom of the Plugin Manager screen was missing some items (what the feck!). I added the Pod Farm path back in, rescanned and there they were again. Is this a VST2 thing? Why do some VST2’s load and other not.

  3. Many of the plugins are displayed very small - hard to see. I’m running in HiDPI mode. In N11,with the same settings, they appear a decent size but not in N12. If I turn off HiDPI mode the plugins display large and clear!

Sadly, I think I’m going to have to stay with N11 for now.

Screenshots for the first problem?


  1. There’s another menu on the toolbar (second button from the right named ‘setup window layout’) which controls overall rack visibility. There’s a tick box in there named ‘Channel Racks’.
  2. Might be a VST2 thing. VST2 is slowly being phased out.
  3. Might be worth doing a search for other topics on this since others have had similar issues. There may be a workaround.

Thanks Stingray. A [not so] Smooth Operator error!

It’s strange that the N12 update switches those options off. The only thing left checked was [Left Zone].

Hi @fenderchris

Please try this feature for plugins that do not work properly and let us know whether it has solved some issues.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this too - I freely admit these days that if there is an option I will install the VST3 and only tend to use the VST2 under certain conditions:
1 - When the developer recommends the VST2 over the VST3 (U-He Satin, for example)
2 - When there are no VST3 equivalents (the bulk of my UAudio tools)
What worries me are the enormous numbers of plugins I am just losing all access to - although one of the problems here is Windows 10 with plugins that have gone out of business thanks to thieves (I will never call them ‘hackers’ because thieves is more accurate) - and with the increasing pace of VST2 deprecation I am losing more & more all the time.

The new display option is interesting though - I had no clue what HiDPI mode meant (I do now) and will also keep a close eye on this too as my monitors can only go to 1920x1080 as I don’t have the physical space for a larger pair of screens between the monitor speakers & my mixer, and I don’t want to lose my ID console.

Hey Armand, that is very useful info. It works great for most of my plugins -Fantastic work Steinberg.
Strangely, the only plugins I have that do not display correctly in N12 are the new UADx VST3 plugins! - the old VST2 version work fine. Mmmmm…

In N12 I’m currerntly using HiDPI mode with 25% or 50% up-scaling which is a revelation for my old eyes - no more squinting.
I also find that N12 seems to handle the display of drop-down lists and the placing of the Transport bar correctly at last - good stuff.

Correct, “hackers” is not a negative term, it has been used by the media, ignorant public and TV/movies incorrectly. Crackers or criminals is more accurate, but the public awareness damage is done; even a judge in a trial case said someone is guilty of an electronic crime (please also do not use the word “cyber” with real geeks or hackers…) because they proudly admitted they were “hackers”. (Imagine in a democracy someone that ignorant being allowed to wear a robe, but we are sidetracking…)

Yeah, U-He wavetable saving in Hive 2 is only compatible with the VST2 version as of now, even though the plugin otherwise has a VST3 version. UJAM has been catching up with some of their plugins just recently being updated to VST3… It feels like the VST2 phasing out is faster than plugin developers migrating their products to VST3. Almost like an Apple constant Mac OS update race to keep music production tools compatible.

Have you contacted UAD’s support? I would suggest to do so.

Thank you so much for backing my choice of words here - some of my friends have looked at me as if I have 2 heads when I have said this in the past as they all think that ‘hackers’ are synonymous with bent software when this is far from the truth, but again I digress. Sorry about that.

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Back to the subject.

I have contacted UAD about this but got no reply.
What I can confirm is that all of the new UADx plugins DO display correctly in N11 but DO NOT in N12. Both versions have the same settings: HiDPI On and +25% Scaling.

EDIT 09-03-23: I have tried removing the ‘+25% Scaling’ but the problem remains the same.

What has changed in N12 to make this difference?

Let us investigate. We will get back to you in a few weeks.

Something that might help:

In N12, when a UADx plugin is selected, it initially shows out-of-focus. At this point the plugin’s entire image can be seen, but as soon as the plugin is fully loaded it comes into sharp focus and sections on the right-hand side and bottom are chopped off, making it unusable.

For now, in N12, I will have to continue to use the VST2 versions of the UAD plugins.

Hi Chris.
I’m not seeing the problem here - perhaps I am not understanding what the issue really is though.
I do see the ‘blurred’ initialization, but once fully loaded it comes into sharp focus with nothing missing that I can see - please see screenshot attached.
This is in the latest build of N12 - RC2 build .60 if I recall correctly
Are you on Mac or PC?

Try to disable HiDPI mode.
It solved the issue on my side. Of course, I need to look out for other possible problems.

I had the issue with the API 2500.

Disabling HiDPI mode does solve the problem with the UAD new plugins, but I want to run in HiDPI mode - I can not let UAD determine how I use all my other plugins. I’ll just stick with the old versions.

Did you send them(UA) a bug report?

Yes I have.

Hi. what could they identify on their side?