N13, Cursor stuck on Arrow after project load

I have just installed N13 and while a similar problem exists from time to time with N12, the latter can be resolved by reinstalling the software and/or driver however with the former the cursor remains stuck.


Are you on Mac or Windows, please? What graphic card do you use, please? Do you use HiDPI screen?

Hi Martin,

Windows 10, with Nvidia 930MX.

I know my machine is potentially a weak candidate however while N13 simply displays the arrow, N12 just displays the blue circle so it would seem an optimization has been made but quite possibly, has not been fully implemented.



Do I understand it right, it doesn’t work in N12, but it works in N13?

If this is the case, it looks like there was fix something for N13 (only).

N13, is not loading projects, N12 does but only under a fresh installation of both the driver and application.

I have not yet tried opening a project without any data, i.e., a user created template with VST instruments loaded however one thing I noticed, with regard to N12, a particular VST2 instrument takes some time scanning and displays a (Nuendo) dialog, however in N13 there is no such delay.

If I have to populate a new N13 based template with instruments, so be it but I would rather not of course as I have developed my project template over many years.


To add, one thing that does alleviate the issue, to some extent, for N12 at least is when an Antimalware update is installed, to perform System Maintenance before opening the application, since new virus signatures are installed and a system scan at one time or other will need to be performed so I find it is best to do this before firing up the DAW because unlike Power settings, virus scanning is automatic and is not able to be controlled via program settings.

Further adding processes to the exclusion list of Windows Security stops those processes from being scanned in memory, which can impact project load, resulting in a stalled cursor.