N13 Detect Silence Bug

Detect Silence is broken. When I use “Process all selected events” this happens:

N13 Bug Detect Silence

I had to undo all the processing :frowning:
any idea?

what are we looking at? you are clicking on things outside the video window…

in the other window I’m using the detect silence window. Here the settings:

ok but what is going wrong? I see a loop of some regions disappear and then reappear individually, but I’m not sure what is happening. can you explain in words?

Did you read my first sentence? Can you see that things disappear even if they shouldn’t be gone?

yes is did but it is still unclear to me what is going wrong :slight_smile: I might be not smart but your message is very minimal. If you want help, explain it a bit more broadly.
what are you trying to do, what is not working? which processing had to be undone? how can we see it? what is your setup, did you try it on other audio events?

I don’t know if you ever used detect silence, but there’s not much to say. It should cut out events under a certain threshold. As you see in the gif, it cuts randomly out also regions that have audio.

You have to undo them manually for each cutted event…

Ok that’s clear enough now, I could not see that you were manually undoing things. To you it may be clear but to me it’s just events popping up :slight_smile:
I have used the process and this not proper behaviour indeed. Can you answer my other questions ? this will help reproduce the issue and hopefully find the issue. thanks

also does it still happen when uncheck ‘strip silence’ but check ‘keep silent segments’ and select mute?

Setup is:

  • Win 10
  • Nuendo 13

same session, not happening in N12 on the same machine but it happens with other events. Looks like a coding bug rather then a system based issue

Can’t reproduce it. Please make a video/gif with the detect silence window in it, does it show the correct events detected as ‘not silence’? If it looks like the results it is your ‘time open’ settings that might be the cause. But can’t tell for sure with just a screenshot.

same settings used also in N12. Never hat this issue. I use this function on a daily basis with these settings like 20 times a day.

Thanks! This looks like a bug indeed. Very weird. What happens if you pair the events into 1 event? Same issue?

Hi all,
This problem was discussed in another threat and it will be fixed on the next update.



Thanx Roberto. Do you know if the issue with RX izotope has also been considered for the next update? Her the post:

Sorry foobeats, I don’t know about this issue.

This bug is also causing this:
If Detect silence is applied 2 times to the same clip with the same setting,
then clip (clips) is missed. (deleted).

WIN 10, Nuendo 13.0.40 build 251

I’m having the same problem. Whenever the number of sections detected is 1, it will delete the entire part. When 2 or more sections are detected, it will process as expected