N13 - Pan with shift does not work anymore

In N12 and before i could use the combined pan with shift to narrow or widen the stereo-width evenly left and right.
Now neither shift nor any other control button or combination fulfils the purpose.
Why is it gone ? I really need it !

“feature” or bug ?


just tested - combined panner behaves exactly the same in both 12 and 13 - however for me it isn’t working as you described in neither :slight_smile: I mean, holding shift while widening or narrowing the stereo width isn’t equal on both sides in neither 12 or 13. What am I missing? Could you please be more detailed?


This useful function only applied to the first top tab of the inspector. It is an older function that has now unfortunately been eliminated.

In the Mixer, Fader tab of the Inspector, Edit channel settings tab, it was unfortunately not possible before either, i.e. just as bad as in N13.


I found out, it is now possible in the Fader-tab - not SHIFT anymore
but now with CRTL & ALT !

Better than nothing…

Why always changing stuff around with no comments ?


Thanks for posting this. Yeah, I wish there was more visibility for things like this when they change. I had some key macros I use break between Nuendo 11 and 12, due to the key command names changing, which I posted about at that time.

Seriously, this is unprofessional on SB’s part. There needs to be clear information on where to go to work, when that’s the case. But you’re going to find people saying it’s your fault and that SB should be exonerated. Just reread the 1600-page manual!