N13 stability vs N12

Ever since upgrading to N13, things seem significantly less stable. In particular, when invoking VSTis, when selecting track inputs, and when recording there are issues. I have N12 on the same system, and run the same projects without issue. But in N13, I experience frequent lagging of the UI, often accompanied by the app just crashing. I also have had recording drop-outs… but the same thing in N12 works perfectly. Same hardware, drivers, and settings.

Is it just me? Or anyone else having these same issues?

For reference: M1 Mac Studio, UAD Apollo x6 interface.

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Cubase 13 has some ways to go for stability. I am a Windows user and the crashes are far too common so far. It is getting there, but every Wednesday that passes without a Cubase update I get a little disappointed :smiley: The last Cubase versions (11 & 12) have been super solid by the end, but they were full of problems in the start - just as 13 - fingers crossed it will pass. From what I understand v13 has undergone a lot of new under the hood upgrades for graphics etc so let’s hope this is the worst time and not the new normal.

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Here is some of the things I did to improve the stability of N12 on mac.
I removed all plugins and only used the one’s that I happen to use in my last 10 projects…
If I was satisfied with the SFX or Ambiance and Background tracks which often happen to use most process heavy instruments and effects plugins, i would duplicate the project and collapse the track thus freeing resources.
I also Removed any unnecessary background processes.
Doing these I noticed that there was 30 percent improvement in stability.
These helpled me to achive fast turn around projects without a single hiccup.
Here is a documentary I finished tracking VO, cleaning and polishing interviews and finishing Audio before merging the AV in Resolve to print…
The film is first cut to audio or radio edit from a paper edit stage., then the radio edit is upgraded to rough cut in resolve…
Faced no issues moving projects in between Neundo and Resole.

Though I also feel that N12 needs some more hot fixes and I hope SB releases it .

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It may be best to go back to 12, unless you need the new functions. Here, I stayed in N12 on a Mac m2 ultra and with a UAD X16. Never a crash, even in 300-track Atmos sessions.

Do you think SB could patch for N12? I asked on another thread, but I don’t think so.

I remember early on hot fix used to be released, but haven’t seen one for some time now

I haven’t had a single crash on N13. Very stable over here on a macbook pro 16. I don’t use 100s of plugins. Perhaps that contributes to my system being solid. Very happy for the most part.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use Nuendo 13 much yet too busy playing video games… I mean doing other very important work :D. However, in the us I’ve had it hasn’t had any crashing issues. It has been nice and stable.