N13 Trial expired without even installing it!

I wanted to finally dive into N13 and test it’s new features. I had previously downloaded the package but decided against installing it (I was too busy to really dive in).
My thinking was that not installing would not trigger the license but alas. I get a message the trial is expired. I never touched N13 at all, just downloaded it on a computer.
@Ben_at_Steinberg since you responded to other license issues, can you help?
Is this normal behaviour? Can you see in you logthat I never activated the product? I want to demo and make up my mind about buying the update but I can’t.

If you didn’t activate the trial license, it will not expire.

Try to get another trial license?

How can i try to get another license?

You can sign up for the Nuendo 13 trial here: Try Nuendo Now for 60 days | Steinberg

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thanks. I did not understand the procedure I guess. I just downloaded through the Steinberg app and reckoned that an activation would make it a demo.

Hi ben, thanks for the help it works now. While I have your attention, are you aware of this bug with iLok plugins dissapearing from sessions ?

If you cannot help, no problem, but how can I report this issue except from posting on this forum?