N13 unable to import some audio files or converting

Hi, I had some issues with my N13.

Yesterday I could not import a mix 48/24 to a 96/24 session, but could with N12.

Today I´ve tried to change a session from 48/24 to 96/24 but failed to convert the audios.

Well, this is very vague information.
Can you be more specific?

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Hi @nefferson

Thanks for your report. I would like to assist you but as pointed out by @st10ss you would need to be more specific regarding your use case(s) (drag&drop, mediabay, pool, file / import?) and the audio format(s) you are referring to.

Thank you

Hi, I was importing the file from the menu -import audio file., as I always do.

I have a crash a day on N13, not working much, but is unusual that it is happening. And that is on new session created on N13


And so what’s going after this point. Do you have an error dialog? Are you clips being imported? Would it be possible to send me one of these files in a PM?