N4.3 license to expire in 1hour 23 mins !!!

This is not going to help my day.

I have an old syncrosoft dongle which I used on my old DAW.

It’s my new elicenser dongle throwing up this message, it came with Wavelab 7

Any ideas ?


Are you using the latest version of eLicenser software?


Hi there, as far as I know I am
It must have a demo license on there or something?
I am using the old synchrosoft dongle at the moment as I am mastering an album today.

I guess I need to attach my elicenser dongle to my computer and log onto my Steinberg on
my desktop machine ?

Or can I see what is up by running the elicenser control center on the DAW
that is offline ? (i.e. the machine that threw up the message about the license running out)

When I run elicenser on the DAW (offline)

The N4.3 license does not show up under licenses when I select the elicenser.

When I boot Nuendo 4.3 build 371 it now says licence will expire in 43 mins so it seems
like a time limited version of the license on that new elicenser dongle.

Not sure what to do, I guess I need to log onto the My steinberg site but how do I get
the full license onto the new elicenser?


Ok I have both a syncrsoft dongle and elicenser dongle resgistered under my steinberg.

On the elicensor there seems to be only Wavelab 7 (with an activation code and date) and not Nuendo 4 I need to know how to transfer a copy of the N4.3 license on the old syncrosoft dongle to the new elicensor. Any help highly appreciated.

I have downloaded the latest version of elicensor right now and the issue is the same.

Ok it seems I can drag and drop the license in the License control centre app (now the lastest version)
But I need to connect to internet to do so.

Anyone know whether the license can exist on both dongles simultaneously ?
That would be handy in some ways. Though not essential as I have migrated to my
new machine which is working wonderfully I may add. :slight_smile:

Nuendo 4.3 seems rock solid on this new machine/platform… Win7 32bit / i7


I would

  1. Update to the latest eLicenser software
  2. If that doesn’t help, I would transfer the Nuendo licence from the old dongle to the new one.


That would also be having 2 separate licenses. Very handy, I agree… :smiley:

Sure Neil, I did not comprehend the exact concept of the elicensor/license but I see what you mean.
It’s times like changing DAW when this is very useful I keep swapping back and forth for a little while though and swapping dongle is a pain.

New machine is ace, stability, speed and a new suite of tools propelling me to new levels of audio quality, choice and speed of operation. CPU power for days, shame the Nuendo 4.3 ASIO is grossly inaccurate even if it is taking into account driver performance.

I don’t even need to show it anymore. :laughing:

Wavelab 7 also working very nicely indeed.