N4 to N5 upgrade - video went bye bye

I’m having a basic N5/video issue that I don’t see anyone else reporting so it’s looking to me like I’m missing something obvious - hopefully that obvious thing can be pointed out to me here.

I’m on a Mac G5 PPC OS 10.5.8 and my upgrade to N5 won’t recognize any video I throw at it (usually .mov), whether through File/Import/Video File, or drag and drop to the video track or video folder in the pool.

So what I find in the manual is that I should go to Devices/Device Setup/Video/Video Player and tell it the obvious - use Quicktime.

Yep that’s exactly what I am able to do with my copy of N4 (which is still fine with video on my system BTW).

My N5 Device Setup doesn’t offer any Video/Video Player though - it is completely MIA from the menu. That’s where I’m stuck.


(I do wish that when upgrading from N4 to N5, N5 could’ve just kinda looked at what my audio interface settings and video device were with N4 and adopted them, or asked if they should be carried over)

Vey stupid question, but do you have QT installed?


Yes - the latest 7.6.9 version - that’s why video works fine for me with N4 on this same system.

Er hello Fredo? PPC video not supported in current version of Nuendo.

See this from my other recent post.

Thanks for the update. But I am slightly amazed that the Read Me document accompanying the 5.1.1 update states:

“Apple Macintosh PowerPC
The video engine of Nuendo 5.1.1 does not run on Apple Macintosh PowerPC.”

This is infuriating. I run two copies of Nuendo (yes I have TWO DONGLES) one of which serves as a playback and mastering station. This runs on a very powerful Quad Mac G5. I find it amazing that there is no way this can be supported.

EDIT And you can’t have a Mac without QT installed mate.

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:confused: Unbelievable. :open_mouth: So if I can back track to a version of N5 prior to 5.1.1 will video work? :open_mouth:

I reckon of you back track, yes. I believe the video engine is in the N5 package so would be wiped if you re-installed.