N5.1 + BM Intensity Pro = crash on start-up.(SOLVED)

As long as I have black magic intensity pro drivers installed, N5.1 will crash on start-up.

Any one had the problem and solved it?

PC Win7 64bit | N5.1 32bit and 64 bit | Nvidia Quatro 440 | Black Magic Intensity Pro | Jbridge | System 5 MC

Not having this problem in any of our machines (we have 4), but I remember reading somewhere that you need to install the Blackmagic after you have installled Nuendo. But I can be wrong …

You do have QT installed I hope!?


Yes, I had the same problem - trash the Nuendo prefs and restart Nuendo. That helped me out…


I hope all these silly problems are gone with next N5 update.

If on Windows, install in this order.

  • latest QT
  • Latest N5
  • latest BM drivers

And try to delete N5 prefs as Ola said.

I trashed the pref, it ain’t the pref.
I am so much not in the mode for clean reinstall of N5. what a pain.

I will try to fiscally remove the Intensity card and then reinstall, if I remember correctly once solve similar problem.

No need to reinstall N5.

removing the card and then re install, with reboot in between solve it this time.