N5.5.6 and graphics anomaly in OS10.8.5

I just upgraded to a new(er) Mac Pro. It’s a “5,1” 2012 box-type.

I’m running OS 10.8.5 because of software I rely on that isn’t supposed to be happy in more recent OS versions.

My Nuendo 5.5.6 seems to be quite stabile, but I notice occasionally that the gray graphics background of various panels is sort of active and showing tiny random pixels of red. This may be the background of the automation panel, or not, and a few times it has been in the mixer I/O panels at the top when I have just assigned a new channel.

I haven’t ingested anything that might bring on these visions and they don’t seem to be symptomatic of any problem, but I wondered whether anyone else has had similar things going on? Thanks for your input.

Hello Mark,

Two of our Nuendo systems are the same gear. The time I’ve seen this is when the connection between the computer and monitor is spotty - we tried an overly long vga cable and had those same artifacts, using an extender fixed it. Not sure if that’s your problem but the same red sparkles were obvious.